In the United States are going to cancel the security check in more than 150 airports

Journalists from CNN learned that transportation security Administration US (TSA) plans to cancel the passenger control in small and medium-sized airports. In total, this innovation may affect more than 150 air terminals. This is the media learned from official documents that gave them an insider.

If the TSA really going to take such a step, it will mark a significant change in the rules of air traffic across the country. Besides, it will be the first relief in the security of airports, for more than 2 decades of rigorous tests. It was after the terrible events of 11 September 2001 and created the transportation security Administration, which was assigned to prevent any threats at U.S. airports.

According to TSA documents, the innovation slightly increase the risk for the safety of air transportation. Cancellation of inspections must address the small air ports that use aircraft having on Board not more than 60 seats. According to estimates by representatives of the TSA as a result of such changes should be released $115 million per year. They plan to spend on strengthening security in the larger air units of the United States.

At the same time, a number of experts and unnamed sources in the TSA expressed concern about this. They believe that this innovation will cause a serious impact on national security. According to them, a similar initiative has already been discussed in 2011 and then the government rejected it.

Possible changes to security rules at airports can affect a huge number of passengers. Every day, more than 10 thousand people tested in a small air terminals. Order in these places, being watched almost 1.3 thousand TSA employees.

Earlier, we talked about the fact that the Service of air marshals in the US conducts secret surveillance of flight passengers. It is within the scope of a secret program Quiet Skies (Silent heaven).