The police of Illinois is testing a Kevlar lasso

In the dash of a police station in the village of Buffalo grove (the state of Illinois) have tested a new tool — the lasso of Kevlar. Law enforcement officers can use it to neutralize the enemy or during pursuit of a fleeing subject when the use of weapons is not possible.

Fits in the hand device BolaWrap (wrap — «wrap») when the button fires a special thread length of 2.5 meters at a distance up to 8 meters. Thanks to high speed thread wraps around the subject and thereby neutralizes him.

Lasso is absolutely safe, does not cause pain and in some cases, when the use of force is unreasonable, for instance the detention of mentally unstable people is simply irreplaceable, says the chief of police of Aurora Kristen Ziman.

BolaWrap will protect and policemen and offenders. In 2014, the use of weapons in a similar situation ended in tragedy: the police in North Carolina shot and killed a mentally ill 18-year-old boy.

Lasso is worth $800and a cartridge with thread — $30. So far, the police very happy with the new item of equipment. A few days later he received in serial production and is already used in California.

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