Ex-employee of the NYPD has admitted to involvement in the corruption scheme with gun licenses

In Federal court in Manhattan, a former NYPD officer pleaded guilty of involvement in fraudulent scheme accelerated the issuance of arms licenses.

Last year 45-year-old Paul Dean is a retired police Lieutenant of long island, is accused of receiving bribes to speed up the process of issuing permits for carrying weapons.

As has established a consequence, in January 2016, Paul Dean and his colleague from the division for the permit to bear arms Robert Espinal resigned to using professional connections, to make such orders. According to prosecutors, former law enforcement officers felt that so they will earn more than accepting bribes.

NYPD cop pleads guilty to gun license bribery scheme #nymetro #bhive https://t.co/3fphllT2yQ pic.twitter.com/vRKnF4xUq4

— NY Bee (@NYNYTweets4) August 16, 2018

According to court documents, while working in the NYPD, accomplices assisted in the issuance of gun licenses in exchange for booze, prostitutes and car repair.

August 15, Dean confessed to the conspiracy to bribe another person, however, pleaded not guilty to receiving a bribe. To it threatens till 5 years of imprisonment, however in connection with the guilty plea it likely to get from 1 to 2 years.

During the investigation of this fraud revealed that more than 100 permits to carry firearms in new York were issued with gross violations of procedure.