Doctor raped the patient, will avoid prison

46-year-old Shafiq Sheikh, convicted for the rape of a patient, lost his medical license and job, but in jail and will not get. On Friday, August 17, the jury sentenced him to lifetime registration as a sex offender, and 10 years of probation.

A jury found Shafeeq Sheikh guilty in his sexual assault trial and the jury sentenced Sheikh to probation
Doctor Convicted Of Raping Drugged Patient Is Sentenced To Probation Only We Went From #MeToo To #ScrewYou I guess Must Be A Cultural Thing

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«The jury found Shafiq Sheikh guilty of sexual assault and sentenced the Sheikh to conditional imprisonment».

The crime was committed in 2013, when Sheikh worked in Houston»s Ben Taub Hospital. 27-year-old, appearing in the case as Laura was treated for an acute asthma attack.

In detail about her tragedy, the woman said in 2015 Houston Chronicle. Later that night, her room went the doctor (name tag was upside-down) — ostensibly to inspect. He said he checks the lungs of a woman, but touched her breast. Realizing that his feelings are far from medical examination, Laura barely reached for the nurse call button and pushed it multiple times, but nobody came. As established later, the police, the button was disabled.

Doctor a couple of times out of the room, and when I went for the third time raped a patient. Being under the influence of sedatives, the woman was unable to give the rapist back. «It is [terrible] feeling when you’re powerless, she said in an interview. — There is nothing you can do to save yourself.»

The next morning Laura told them what had happened to my husband and he called the police. The woman asked the nurse containers to collect biological material for evidence of rape. However, the hospital medical staff was in no hurry to help her in this case and in General, she said, looking at her as «a liar and a madman.» In the end Laura was able to gather the necessary tests, which together with the DNA of the Sheikh was attached to the investigation.

Sheikh was arrested in 2015 — 2 years after his crime. After reviewing all evidence, including records from surveillance cameras, Medical Board of Texas has suspended his license to practice medicine.

At trial, the Sheikh said that the sex was, but by agreement. His lawyer, Lisa Andrews tried to introduce Laura to the jury as a tease, tempt the doctor. «He made a mistake, but it was not sexual violence,» she said. Protecting the defendant, Andrews called the victim «latina with fake Boobs» that made the middle-aged man to «lose his head», while the Prosecutor Lauren Reader noted that it’s funny, and reminded the jury how vulnerable patients in the hospital.

Recognizing Sheikh guilty, the jury recommended the sentence him to 10 years in prison and probation, while for a similar crime in the same Texas punishable by 2 to 20 years in prison.

We have previously reported, as the latest DNA tests helped solve the rape and murder of a child committed in 1988.