The defence lawyers argued that the baby died due to negligence of doctors after her detention ICE

Mother and human rights groups say the Immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) and the staff of the center for immigrants in Texas have provided substandard medical care to her daughter, who died six weeks after their release.

20-year-old Yasmin Juarez and her 18-month-old daughter Maria was detained at Dilley (TX) and sent to one of two family centres for the detention in the state. According to Vice News, soon the girl started coughing, and the temperature rose to 40°C., the Woman repeatedly asked the doctors for help, but they have had intensive medical treatment and only prescribed various medications which did not improve the condition of her daughter.

Law firm Arnold & Porter representing the family of the baby, said that 10 days after their arrival in Dilley Mary lost two pounds (almost 1 kg) is almost 8% of its weight. According lawyers, two days before their mother was released from the center, the young girl was still coughing, in addition, vomiting.

Law firm alleges neglectful medical care after child dies weeks after ICE custody: A mother and her lawyers allege that ICE and those running an immigration facility in Texas provided substandard medical care for her toddler, who died six weeks after…

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When on 25 March, the Yasmin and Maria were released, they went to new Jersey, where he lives, the girl’s grandmother. The next day they went to the emergency room. The child had to be hospitalized and transported to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

May 10, the baby was bleeding, which led to irreversible brain damage and organs. Citing hospital records, Vice News reported that Maria died from viral pneumonia — inflammation of lung tissue.

«We are working with Yasmin and her family to get justice due to errors by the ICE, as well as to ensure that no other family has not suffered from such unnecessary and devastating loss,» says the firm.

Advocates have long complained about problems with access to health services in immigration facilities, for example, in Louie.

Firm Arnold & Porter accuses ICE in the content of Marie and her mother at the facility «in unsafe and unsanitary conditions.»