Governor of new York has summoned representatives of all the Catholic dioceses because of a sex scandal

The attorney General of new York Barbara underwood was summoned representatives of all eight Roman Catholic dioceses of the state in the investigation of sexual abuse, which accused some clergy.

A source from law enforcement told the Associated Press that the relevant subpoenas were sent on Thursday, September 6. To them are attached the documents that speak about sexual abuse, financial benefits possible to the victims and the results of internal investigations of the Church.

The Brooklyn diocese confirmed that it had received a subpoena and is reviewing it.

«For many years we cooperate with law enforcement and are willing to work with the office of the [underwood] for this investigation, the statement reads. In 2002, the Brooklyn diocese gave all charges of sexual harassment of minors by priests or deacons by the district attorneys in Brooklyn and Queens. Since that time we have adopted a zero-tolerance policy and reported to law enforcement authorities on any suspicion of sexual abuse.»

The authorities in new York have created a hotline and a special page for victims and anyone with information about these cases. New Yorkers can call the number: 1-800-771-7755 or file an online complaint on the website. And to the people of new Jersey need to dial: 855-363-6548.

The sex scandal erupted after the shocking data published by the Prosecutor’s office of Pennsylvania last month. As it turned out, in this state for the last 70 years, more than 1 thousand children suffered from sexual violence by Catholic priests.