The Mexican, who has lived in Brooklyn for 33 years, was deported without notice to family

Immigration and customs service (ICE) deported a Brooklyn resident who for three decades was in America, without even notifying her family.

61-year-old Gloria Hernandez Suarez arrived in the United States from Mexico 33 years ago — in 1985. During this time, in this new country she raised four children and watched his grandchildren (all US citizens). However, the last two months she had spent in the detention center in new Jersey after mid-July, the ICE agents knocked on her door to arrest. She was accused of using fake ID to re-enter the U.S. in 2001 when she visited in Mexico.

On Monday evening (17 September) when she phoned with her daughter Nancy Aquino, her voice sounded «very worrying». Daughter thought she had a premonition that «something bad». The next night, without notifying the family, the ICE agents put Gloria on a plane and sent to Mexico.

«They are not allowed to call her by phone so she could not tell us where» — said the daughter of nelegalka.

The current lawyer David Mullins argues that in this situation, the primary fault lies with the former protector of immigrants. As reported by Gothamist, the human rights organization new York New Sanctuary Coalition, the problems began after her husband (a US citizen) appealed to his former immigration attorney, wanting to vouch for my wife.

Then the lawyer filed on her behalf for asylum, although no spouse Gloria, nor the woman didn’t ask him about it. According to the representative of the New Sanctuary Coalition, the defender knew that she «[is] denied, and it will be in the process of deportation».

«It’s a shame — added Mullins. — This demonstrates the absence of simple basic human integrity from the ICE».

Last week, the daughter of Gloria Nancy spoke to the assembled crowd near the ICE office in Manhattan.

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“Our friends have been dehumanized, they’ve been denied, detained, & many times they have been deported.” At press conference to denounce the unjust deportation of Gloria Hernandez. #abolishICE #familiesbelongtogether

— New Sanctuary NYC (@NewSanctuaryNYC) September 19, 2018

«My mother is not a criminal… the Only thing she wanted was to be in this country with his family: with his children, grandchildren and my husband,» she said in her speech.

#FamiliesBelongTogether Gloria H. Grandmother deported by ICE. Daughter speaks. G daughter cries. @NewSanctuaryNYC

— Interfaith Center NY (@ICNY) September 19, 2018