In Yellowstone Park banned the hunting of grizzly

The Federal court of Montana, announced grizzly bears in Yellowstone national Park and its surroundings a protected species. Thus, the decision was reversed on withdrawal of the grizzly under state protection, adopted by the security Service of fishing and hunting for wild animals of the USA (U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service — FWS) in 2017.

In August 2018, 2 days before the opening of the season, the district judge Dana Christensen has temporarily banned hunting of Grizzlies in Wyoming and Idaho. Her new order was actually cancelled the first time since 1991 the hunt for a bear in the 48 contiguous States.

Around the hunting of grizzly bear in Yellowstone Park and beyond debate. Farmers and owners of hunting estates complain that these predators often attack cattle and elk. In turn, the defenders of animals argue that hunting grizzly is cruel. They strongly support local Indian tribes for whom the bear is a sacred animal.

However, according to judge Christensen’s decision on the protection of the Yellowstone grizzly bear and the abolition of hunting in Wyoming and Idaho was based on the lack of argument from the FWS declared the species is not in need of Federal protection.

In a 48-page document published on 24 September, said that FWS had not considered properly the impact of hunting on the Yellowstone grizzly 5 other kinds of bears in the continental United States, and its analysis of the threats to this particular species was «subjective and selective».

The judge’s decision is not final Christensen — the Federal government can still appeal it.

In less than a day after the publication of the court order, Congresswoman Liz Cheney has introduced a new legislation to «re-shoot with grizzly bears Federal protection and to forbid citizens to file lawsuits to challenge this action,» said on Twitter the humane Society of the United States (Humane Society of the United States).

Less than 24 hours after a court order restored endangered species protections for grizzly bears, Congresswoman Liz Cheney, introduced legislation to AGAIN remove federal protections for grizzly bears, and bar citizens from filing lawsuits to challenge this action. 😠

— The Humane Society of the United States (@HumaneSociety) September 27, 2018

Today in the ecosystem of Yellowstone, there are about 800 Grizzlies. Endangered species this bear was declared in 1975, when the region stayed from 136 to 312 individuals.