California banned the sale of firearms to persons under 21 years

From 2019 to buy firearms in California, only persons under the age of 21, reports APNews.

According to the law, which on Friday, September 28, was signed by Governor Jerry brown, to the specified age in California will not be able to purchase a rifle, shotgun or any other firearm. Now in the state for persons under 21 years prohibited the sale only of pistols, and other weapons sold to buyers over 18 years.

The bill 1100 does not apply to law enforcement officers, military personnel and persons licensed to hunt.

As explained by state Senator Democrat Anthony Portantino, the reason for the ban was the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, where semi-automatic rifles were shot and killed 17 people.

«I was determined to help California respond appropriately to tragic events in schools that our country has recently experienced, said Portantino. — I believe that California must take matters into their own hands, since Washington refuses to act.»

The Governor of the state signed number of laws related to weapons. One of them prohibits the possession of weapons to individuals who were hospitalized or otherwise forcibly placed in a psychiatric institution in connection with a risk to harm themselves or others. This law applies to those who during the year at least twice received treatment under this diagnosis, with the right every 5 years to submit to the court a petition for the lifting of the ban. The second bill imposes a lifetime ban on gun ownership to anyone convicted of domestic violence.

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