Man must pay $8 million fine for unintentional arson in the protected forest

Patrol agent threw a party in connection with the announcement of the sex of their unborn child, but overdone with special effects. The flame from a small pyrotechnic projectile caused a fire that spread to a national Park the Colorado in Arizona.

In April of 2017 in Arizona started a forest fire, called the Sawmill Fire, which destroyed 47 thousand acres (190 sq m). As it turned out, the ignition was not started by natural causes, and the fault of 37-year-old patrol agent Dennis wild from Tucson (AZ), which gave its guests the occasion.

During the party he wanted an original way to tell relatives and friends the gender of the child they were expecting with his wife. A wild plan was to shoot a rifle at a target containing tannerite (Tannerite) is a binary explosive that is often used for making exploding targets. As a result of falling were supposed to be flash, color which would show the sex of the baby: blue — boy and pink — girl.

However, after the shot something went wrong. The explosion was very powerful, so the resulting fire burned the grass and bushes, and the wind blew it around. As a result of this accident firefighters from 20 departments had about a week to fight the fire.

According to the Ministry of justice, now the organizer of the fire must pay more than $8 million in restitution. The plea of guilt of the wild agreed to a five-year probationary period and pledged to make an initial Deposit of $100 thousand and to make the necessary monthly payments. He swears that he is very sorry about what happened.

The court scheduled a hearing on the case wild on 9 October 2018.

By the way, the man never revealed the sex of their child.