«Caravan» of 5 thousand migrants bypassed the Mexican police and is moving to the USA

Sunday, October 21, growing «caravan» of migrants from Honduras continued on his way to Mexico. A huge crowd brought to naught the efforts of the Mexican police and border guards stop her at the border with Guatemala.

Approaching US, «caravan» is growing: according to the Associated Press, the number of migrants in it reached 5 thousand, and the Mexican government reported 7 thousand people.

Despite clashes with police, and harsh criticism from the authorities of Mexico and the United States, hundreds of Mexicans have tried to help the migrants with food, water, clothing, and offering to drive them in their pick-UPS, vans and trucks. When the caravan passed through a village near Ciudad Hidalgo, local people clapped and shouted words of support.

Guillermo jet COP was at the front of the caravan of migrant Central Americans hoping to cross a bridge into Mexico. But when the gates closed, she decided she and her family had to find another way forward. https://t.co/rwJsTbzHYt pic.twitter.com/S1mcLAkQtM

— CNN (@CNN) October 22, 2018

«Rosalyn Guillermo stood at the beginning of the caravan of migrants from Central America hoping to cross the bridge to Mexico. But when the gate was closed, she decided that she and her family have to find another way.»

Several hundred migrants had already applied for refugee status in Mexico, and another 1.5 thousand are still at the Mexican-Guatemalan border, hoping to enter the country legally.

«My goal is to find work for a better future daughters,» said Besi Jacqueline Lopez from San Pedro Sula — the city where the greatest number of murders in the world. According to a refugee, she cannot find work at home and hopes to reach the USA, but if I find a job in Mexico, here it is.

On the eve of Donald trump called «caravan» migrants «notorious criminals». And on Friday, October 19th, at a campaign rally in Arizona, the President said to thousands of his supporters: «Democrats want to throw open your borders to criminals. And I want to build a wall.» On his page on Twitter, trump wrote that such «caravans» — it’s a shame for Democrats.

«Currently, all efforts are made to stop the influx of illegal immigrants crossing our southern border, the President said in another tweet. — People must first apply for asylum in Mexico, and if they do, the United States deployed them back.»