The mayor of a town in Georgia wants Halloween to close all the local sex offenders in the city Council

The mayor of Grovetown, town in Georgia, announced his intention to gather all the local sex offenders and lock them up for the evening of Halloween in the city Council building.

According to Gary Jones, it will be done to protect children who go trick-or-treating without parents. We are talking about 25-30 growthof who was previously convicted sex offender, already was released from prison and are on probation.

The mayor of a town in Georgia wants Halloween to close all the local sex offenders in the city CouncilThe Municipality Of Grovetown. Source: Google Maps

Measure exceptionally helpful, said Jones, no prior incidents with the kids on Halloween in their town was not.

«But it’s legal. The probation service of Georgia has the right to demand that defendants of sexual crimes were recorded from them at a certain time. The city will provide a place where they sign up this time,» the mayor said in Facebook.

The reaction of the residents of Grovetown, a town with a population of 12 thousand people near the border with South Carolina, in comments to a post of the mayor has been mixed.

«Did you know that you can put in a list of sex offenders Georgia for urinating in a public place? In addition, if you are going to do it, why stop at sex offenders? Let’s “cover” all other offenders. This is the case when the officer just wants PR,» wrote one of the residents.

«This is the protection of innocent children! If you stand up for the rights of sex offenders, sit on Halloween with them,» spoke another.

In 2009, scientists from several States have studied statistics on more than 67 thousand sexual crimes against children under 12 and found that on Halloween there is no «surge» of such crimes. But on the Day of all saints children are more likely than ever, fall under the machine.