Woman struggles with the authorities to keep a pig, which «helps with panic attacks»

The woman from Indiana is struggling with the city authorities for the right to keep a 170-pound pig.

Pigs and other farm animals allowed within the town of new castle in Indiana, but Joey Burke (owner of pig named Daisy) says that it was her «emotional support animal». The woman claims that Daisy helps her to deal with panic attacks.

«She lives with me for about a year, and it was not a problem until someone complained to the Department on animal control. She’s helping me. She gets upset when I’m upset. Daisy has become part of the family, I can’t imagine what it’s like to be without her,» says joy Burke.

The laws of the city of farm animals is the exception. To do this, the pet owner must provide a written statement with signatures of the neighbors, this statement will consider the city government will decide whether to make an exception for the owner of the animal.

A hearing on the pig Daisy is scheduled for November.

According to joy, she has a letter signed by a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), which allows her to keep the animal providing emotional support. The letter does not say that it may be animal.

«I think the fact that I keep my pet is my and only my business, and other concerns,» says the hostess Daisy.