The American received from the state $55 thousand after the illegal arrest ICE

A naturalized U.S. citizen has received compensation in the amount of $55 thousand after the Immigration and customs service (ICE) illegally detained and threatened with deportation.

An immigrant from Mexico, Guadeloupe, Plasencia lived in California for more than three decades, working in the beauty and nurturing of children. In may 1998, the woman received us citizenship. However, after almost 20 years Plascencia arrested after she was involved in a car accident in Ontario.

When she, along with her daughter went to the police station to pick up his gun, which was left in the car, officers reported that 10 years ago her name was issued a warrant for the arrest because she never appeared in court for some other case.

After spending a night in prison, the police told Plascencia to sign a document notifying ICE about what she gets out of custody. When the woman asked why she, a U.S. citizen, needs to sign documents related to ICE, she said it is a condition of her release.

However, as soon as Plascencia left the detention center, was immediately arrested by immigration officers. According to the woman, when she convinced the staff of ICE, which is American, and asked permission for their daughter to bring her passport, the agent told her: «You’re nothing». Eventually arrested was released when her daughter is still permitted to provide documents to the mother.

In December last year, Plascencia has filed a lawsuit against the us government and Sheriff’s Department County of San Bernardino, stating that detention violated her constitutional rights.

The American received from the state $55 thousand after the illegal arrest ICE
Guadeloupe, Plascencia being illegally detained, he received compensation of $55 thousand

As reported by Adrian Wong, counsel for the American Union of civil liberties (ACLU), representing Plascencia, the woman was detained because her name was like someone else.

Finally, last week entered into force the final decision in this case. In the result, the district agreed to pay the victim $35 million, and the Federal government — $20 million