In new York judge pimp, forcing into prostitution a girl looking for for a year

23-year-old Isha SSSI was arrested and charged with human trafficking and sexual exploitation of women, including missing more than a year ago 19-year-old Simon and the oaks Slusser.

«SSSI was engaged in a disgusting form of exploitation, using force and other methods of coercion to force young women to have sex for money for its enrichment,» said attorney Jeffery S. Berman during the announcement of the charges in Federal court in Manhattan.

According to the Prosecutor, except for Simon and the oaks Slusser the defendant was forced into prostitution at least another woman in the Bronx and other places, paying for online advertising of their «services».

Corinna Slusser came to new York in the summer of 2017. The last time she was seen 20 September 2017 the Motel Rego Park, when she went to the NYPD with a complaint against a «pimp,» saying that on 25 August he beat her in Harlem.

From September Corinne lived with SSSI and the other his victim in a rented apartment in the Bronx. Here girls took customers. From 10 to 20 September, Corinne and defendant sent each other more than 800 messages.

20 Sep SSSI and Slusser had a falling out over jealousy of a neighbor, «posovetovala» their relationship. Then the girl and moved to the Motel Rego Park in Queens, where she was last seen.

The FBI keeps trying to find Corinna Slusser, which was celebrated on October 6 and 20 years, and asks anyone with any information about it, to tell at 1-800-CALL-FBI or through the website

«We hope that this [arrest] will entail other things — said in an interview Post the missing girl’s mother Sabina Tuorto. I want my daughter found.»