«Let’s go!» the last thing the American said before his execution in the electric chair

For the first time in 5 years in the United States sentenced were executed on the electric chairinstead of by lethal injection.

It happened yesterday, November 1, at Tennessee. 63-year-old Wife of Edmund was sentenced to death for murder in 1983, the 2 people who came to him to buy marijuana.

At 19.26 hours Sagorsky was pronounced dead in the prison of Nashville. Before the execution, the question of whether he had any last words, the condemned replied: «Let’s rock!» («Let’s go!»)

#BREAKING: Edmund Zagorski has been put to death via the electric chair in Tennessee for double murder in the early ‘80s.

LAST MEAL: Pickled pigs feet and pig tails
LAST WORDS: ‘Let’s rock!’ pic.twitter.com/twEBpqzQL3

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) November 2, 2018

In Tennessee and another 5 States, prisoners who committed crimes before 1999 can choose the method of execution: electric chair or lethal injection. Since 2000 throughout the country in the electric chair were executed 14 people.

«He chose the electric chair because he thought that it is a humane way to die, but because the thought of the triple drug «cocktail» used by the state, worse, said judge Sonia Sotomayor. — It is an occasion for staff to reflect on the composition of the injection».

The Governor of Tennessee, Republican bill Haslam refused to intervene in the case of the second coming.

On death row Torrent ed spent 34 years. (This is the second longest record in the state.) For his last meal he ordered a simple dish — marinated pig’s feet and tails.

And in South Dakota was sentenced to death quipped: «Sorry, I got stuck in traffic».