In new York seamstress Catherine Angert sued the Manager Tatiana Glazerman because of sexual revelations

34-year-old Catherine Angert from Russia, who worked as a seamstress at the world famous store, Tom Ford, has filed a lawsuit against the company and Manager. In the lawsuit the woman claims that the boss is a 54-year-old Tatiana Glazerman from Ukraine fired her due to the fact that it did not support inappropriate conversations of a sexual nature at work.

Angert he worked as the chief designer of the brand on Madison Avenue from June to October. According to former workers, Glezerman subjected her «to an unprovoked barrage of inappropriate personal revelation.» For example, the Manager said Angert that she is «very excited» and it «need sex for Breakfast, lunch and dinner.»

«Glezerman also said [the seamstress], she has «any sex toy that only you can own» and «today with the iPhone and technology with a sex toy, you can do anything,» — said in court documents.

According to the lawsuit, when Angert refused to participate in the discussions, «the behavior of Glazerman has been aggravated by inappropriate to absolutely disgusting and discriminatory.» In addition, according to plaintiff, defendant told her that the Manhattan store is anti-Semitic, and advised her to hide her religion.

Posted by Ekaterina Angert on Tuesday, January 3, 2017

In a statement, Angert said that she was told «not to discuss Judaism» because «in these places do not like Jews». The Complainant adds that Glazerman tried to make it work in the Jewish holidays.

The defendant was constantly yelling at Angert as to leaders and to other colleagues because of what the plaintiff had to be hospitalized in connection with panic attacks.

Angert complained about Glazerman the authorities, but it proved fruitless, and when she took time off to recuperate, she was fired.

«It’s sad to see that such abuse continues in our days, especially in such a prestigious institution such as Tom Ford,» said the applicant’s lawyer Maimon kirschenbaum.

Press Secretary of the company told The Post: «We investigated the claim and found that they are unfounded, and we look forward to counter them in court.»