Insurers and employers are encouraged to veto the law on the free prostate exam

Planning Association health insurance (HPA) and the business Council of new York state urge Governor Andrew Cuomo to veto a bill that screening for prostate cancer will be included in the insurance. As claimed by lobby groups, due to the fact that the potential harm from inspection exceeds the benefit.

According to the amendment to the bill S. 6882-A/ A. 8663-A, the insurance must fully cover the cost of screening for prostate cancer. However, the HPA and the business Council sent a letter to adviser to the Governor Alphonso David, insisting on vetoing the document. For example, the President and chief Executive officer HPA Eric a garden, homestay Arnold wrote that the proposal «is contrary to existing principles, which are based on actual data and are associated with prostate cancer screening».

«Orders of this type that increase costs without significantly improving the quality of medical care borne by employers and employees,» wrote Lev Ginsburg, Director of public administration business Council, in a letter to Alfonso David.

In turn, the initiators of the law, Senator James Tedisco and Assembly member Richard Gottfried notes that their proposal is intended to eliminate such obstacles to the survey as high cost. Earlier, new York has increased for women, the frequency of inspections for breast cancer insurance.

Despite the arguments of Tedisco and Gottfried, opponents of screening for prostate insist on the need to repeal. For example, they claim that, according to the Task force for the prevention of diseases of the U.S. (Preventive Services Task Force — USPSTF), after examination of the prostate men aged 55 to 69 years, the experts came to the conclusion that the patient must choose the treatment to the individual characteristics. And men older than 70 years, the USPSTF does not recommend doing a prostate screening.