Fisherman faked death to avoid prison sentences and received additional time

Professional fisherman Ryan Meganck from Alaska faked his own death to avoid arrest on charges of sexual abuse, but got the job additional time.

Federal prosecutors said that the Coast guard spent more than $380 thousand in search of 35-year-old Makanaka after his girlfriend reported that the man went missing in the vicinity of Port Graham. It later emerged that the girlfriend was an accomplice Ryan.

According to the New York Post, Magenic in 2016, was sentenced to 15 years for sexual assault against an incapacitated woman. Staged his own death, the convict was hoping to avoid arrest. The investigation determined that Maganak flooded his fishing boat in the vicinity of Port Graham. Back in town on another boat, he settled in his mother’s house and hoped that when finished, the desire to leave the confines of Alaska.

The whole plan fell apart when his girlfriend-accomplice confessed his grieving parents that he was alive. In the result the district judge of the United States Sharon Gleason was added to the term fisherman 15 months. To serve the sentence unasked «dead», after he had served 15 years for sexual assault.