A resident of long island, built for his children a tree house and has no plans to demolish, despite the fines

Tree house — every child’s dream. And it’s true happiness when parents can realize the dream of your child. For example, to build the coveted design in the backyard.

However, the local authorities, these architectural solutions do not always have to taste. With opposition from communities faced 45-year-old FDNY firefighter John Lepper from the Babylon village (Suffolk County, long island) when I decided to build in the yard of the dreams of their children, according to ABC7NY.

To build a tree house for my 6 year old son Bajdena (gift birthday) and 5-year-old daughter Brianna Lepper began in early may. As the man told reporters, the desire to please the children was not the only reason for this construction. Earlier in one of the bushes of the hedge surrounding the yard, he found an empty syringe.

«I’m a father who tries to protect their children from what was found in the bushes. I want my children to be safe in the backyard, so I built them a tree house,» explained Lepper.

On 10 may, the landlord received a letter from the inspector to oversee the construction, saying that such structures would need official permission. According to the local building code, a permit must be obtained for any play area (Playground) more than 90 square feet (8,36 sq. m). Lepper said that the area of the tree house 86 square feet (of 7.99 sq m), but agreed to honor the law and on may 21 went to execute the document.

According to the man, he filled out the application, provided the design drawing and specified its location. In stroyotdel announced that the planned structure has a size limit. However, on 19 July, Lepper received an envelope with 3 subpoenas for the construction of the tree house without permission. According to court documents, 11, 12 and 13 July, the inspector Stefan Fellman watched the construction work and came to unexpected conclusions. Submitted by Lepper request he declared incomplete because it left out the drawings from a licensed architect or engineer (and such drawings can cost thousands of dollars).

The owner of the house paid a $475 fine, but summons him come so far. So, on October 20 he received a summons for the conduction of electricity in the house, and on Halloween two — for absence of the permit for its construction. If Lepper will carry the play area on the tree, he threatened to charge fines every day.

Some neighbors Lepper believe that the house threat. So, Bob Kinnear is concerned that the structure is over the road and there is a danger that someone children may one day fall from the window onto the roadway. But by and large, Geraldine Chaplin admires the work of his neighbor, the house really turned out well.

Despite the pressure, John Lepper is not going to destroy his handiwork, as stated at the hearing on Tuesday, November 13. The court gave the Respondent time till November 20 to provide construction plans from a licensed professional. Otherwise, the tree house is still demolished.