Half a century later, DNA helped solve the murder of a student, committed in 1969

The latest DNA examination has allowed to establish who was raped and murdered in 1969 (!) year student at Harvard University Jane Sanders Britton. As the killer of 23-year-old girl was identified a serial rapist Michael Sumpter.

«50 years detectives continued to investigate the murder, which then excited the public of Cambridge — said the middlesex County district attorney Marian Ryan. — I am happy to report that the mystery of the murder of Jane Britton finally revealed».

Onto the second story of the day. A major break in the 50-year cold case of Jane Sanders Britton. The DA says it’s thanks to DNA testing. Press conference starts in an hour. pic.twitter.com/G5IZ98NRIc

— Ezra Kaplan (@EzraNBC) November 20, 2018

7 January 1969 boyfriend walked Jane back to her apartment in Cambridge (mA). It is known that she went to the neighbors to have a glass of sherry and take your cat.

The next day, Jane did not appear for an important exam, her boyfriend went to her home and found the girl dead, or rather dead.

According to the forensic experts, Jane was raped and repeatedly struck on the head with some object which was never found. For alcohol that could not be cleaved in the body, it was clear that the murder took place shortly after Jane came back from the neighbors.

Investigators believe that the offender broke into the apartment through the window by the fire escape. He was not familiar with his victim, but lived in Cambridge since childhood and knew the city.

In 1975, Michael Sumpter was convicted of 2 rapes. At the age of 54 years, he died of cancer.

During a multi-year investigation of Sumpter was considered as one of the suspects. However, only this year received permission to collect a DNA sample from a relative of Sumpter, who agreed to cooperate with the investigation.

After comparison of obtained sample with those that were found the night of the murder, Jane Britton, detectives and has stated that «grouse» is finally revealed.

Brother of Jane Britton, who serves as a vicar in the Church in California, thanked investigators for what they nearly half a century did not leave attempts to solve the murder of his sister.

«To answer — that’s a relief. It is much harder to find the strength to forgive,» said the Reverend Boyd Britton.

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