In Ohio are considering a bill that allows to demand the death penalty as a punishment for abortion

Human rights organizations are seriously concerned about the situation in Ohio due to recently was a bill regarding the topic of abortion.

According to this document, the fetus in the womb of a woman propose to consider the «unborn person», which automatically makes abortion murder. The authors of the bill also require that the state be allowed to press criminal charges against the women and doctors who carry out such a procedure.

Bill was in the legislature of the state of Ohio now considers it a health Committee. Opponents of the law claim that it not only violates women’s rights, but also poses a threat to human life.

In their view, the authors proposed innovations do not take into consideration cases where the pregnancy represents a danger for the life of the mother or is the result of rape. Turns out a paradoxical situation in which women are held hostage to short-sighted politicians will be cornered.

However, the authors of the bill believe that the state has long needed such a solution. From their words it turns out that the current situation with abortion threatens the future of the United States, and contrary to nature. The recognition of the fruit man would bring criminal charges against women who decided to carry out an abortion and doctors who helped them in this. In fact, law enforcement agencies will be able to demand any penalty up to life prison sentence and the death penalty.

However, experts from the fields of criminal law doubt that the bill will be approved in this form. Even if the Legislature of the state of Ohio will approve such proposal, Governor John Kasich is likely to impose on it the veto. Otherwise, the region is waiting for mass protests and a huge number of lawsuits.


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