Lucky found a safe with $7.5 million in stock, which he bought from a well known auctioneer for $500

About this accident is the dream of every! A man bought a storage locker for $500 and was in her safety Deposit box containing $7.5 million.

This was told by Dan Dotson is an auctioneer and presenter of the show «Storage Wars», which, suspecting nothing, was sold to the buyer that the storage chamber, containing a real treasure.

In a video on his Twitter page, Dotson explained that the charity auction Cars, Stars and Rock’ N ‘ Roll in Los Angeles (CA), he was approached by a lady who said he wanted to tell him something interesting.

«My husband works with a guy, [so] he bought a cell for $500 and it was safe» — so began her story woman. According to Dotson, then she said that the buyer specially hired a locksmith to open that safe.

As reported by Dotson, usually, they are empty, but that was not the case. Inside the safe were neither more nor less — as much as $7.5 million.

First, the lucky guy could not believe his eyes, but later the situation deteriorated. Approached by a lawyer representing the original owners of the cell.

Buyer finds a safe containing $7.5 MILLION inside unit he bought from Storage Wars Dan Dotson the host for just $500 –
He was told by a woman at charity auction in Indio, California, who knew buyer
She claims the attorney offered the new owners $1.2 million to return the rest of money

— Nico Spalato (@NikeSpalato) November 23, 2018

Dotson told Blast that the defender has offered a reward of $600 thousand for the return of the found cash. The new owner has refused this offer, but agreed to the second payment of $1.2 million

According to the famous auctioneer, that, undoubtedly, was the most valuable find, which he ever sold.

Dotson also asked his followers to do in the place of that lucky guy. Many of them said that he did the right thing and others didn’t understand how the previous owners actually made a similar situation.

A colleague of the auctioneer on the set and owner of Bargain Hunters Thrift Store Rene Nezhoda suggested that the money is likely to be associated with the mafia or drug cartels. According to her, the only way to explain that they were not in the Bank.