In some schools, the United States began to scan the fingerprints of students, parents concerned about

Parents of students in Nebraska are concerned about the system of payment for lunch, which was implemented in several schools in the area of Westside. Here during the lunch children identificeret for fingerprints, to, say the authorities, to avoid possible confusion and error. The leadership of the school district declared the program a success.

«I understand that technology is not standing still and definitely need to implement in schools, but there is a sense of something wrong in relation to children, says Justin Osterhaus, the father of one of pupils of primary school. — I do not think that at this age children need to be identified biometrically. That is, I think parents have to decide to accept or not, and not, as happened to us [when] parents just put before the fact.»

According to men, in a letter to representatives of the school district says that they are not going to collect a «database» of children’s fingerprints, it’s just the best way of identification. In addition, they say in schools, children often forget the secret code for cashless payment for lunch.

«We have tested this system before introducing it in several schools, and the results showed that the program accelerates the receipt of Lunches by the students and helps in situations when the child forgets the code,» the letter says representatives of the school district.

Some parents share the position Justin Osterforse and want to opt out of the program and decided to give the kids to pay for Lunches in cash.