Students-foreigners were forbidden to go to the White house on a tour with his class

A group of seventh graders from new Jersey went to the White house earlier this month, but the three disciples and was not allowed into the building.

November 15 the students of Henry Hudson Regional School in Highlands boarded the bus to go to a long-awaited trip to the US capital Washington. That fateful day played out a Blizzard, where the traffic on the road has deteriorated. As a result, on arrival they did not have time for anything except visiting the White house. But to get there was not all, having done such a long way.

After the group has passed through the first checkpoint, the secret service agents stopped the three students — two foreigners from Sweden and one from Colombia, who did not have passports or other ID required for non-citizens of the United States.

Thus, according to the administration of the Henry Hudson Regional School, a month before the incident, they sent the White house a list of all students and adults who are going to go on a tour.

Representatives of the residence noted that «boarding pass White house», similar to that given to passengers of the airline, is sent to the visitors in advance. Among other rules it States that «all foreign citizens… regardless of age» must present a passport, a registration card of a foreigner or the identity of the US State Department.

According to a member of the school Board, Karen Horner, when the secret service turned down three children, Lenore Director of Kingsman stayed with them.

«She was very upset. I guess she was more upset than they are,» said Horner.

The HHRS 7th graders traveled to Washington, DC on November 15, 2018. They were accompanied by chaperones and 12th grade peer mentors. It was a memorable experience for all.

Posted by Henry Hudson Regional School District on Sunday, November 25, 2018

Some parents were outraged that teachers have not checked the availability of documents prior to departure and others wondered what their children can do in the White house that they are unable to admit.

«What do 12-year-old and 13-year-old? It doesn’t make sense, ‘ said one of the fathers of The Post. That is disgusting. Don’t you do that with children.»

Press Secretary, first lady Stephanie Grisham said The Post that the previous presidents have been equally strict about non-visitors.

«This requirement has not changed under our administration,» said Grisham.