Police new Jersey, in fact, obliged to protect immigrants from ICE

Power new Jersey has limited the cooperation of representatives of law enforcement with Immigration and customs enforcement (ICE).

The introduction of new rules announced yesterday, November 29, the attorney General of the state of Gurbir Grewal during a press conference at the railway station near Liberty State Park, which was quite symbolic, as this terminal has been a gateway to the Garden state for millions of immigrants.

According to the Prosecutor General, the new Directive aims to «clearly delineate [the sphere of] liability 36 thousand employees of law enforcement agencies of new Jersey and Federal immigration authorities in compliance with the Federal law on civil immigration».

So, in simple words — what it will mean in reality:

  • First of all, now the police of new Jersey will not be able to question, search or arrest people solely on suspicion of their illegal immigration status.
  • To request the immigration status of a person law enforcement officers will be eligible only if necessary for investigation of serious crimes.
  • Also the police will not be involved in civil immigration operations conducted by ICE.
  • Officers of the police departments are not permitted to help ICE during emergency circumstances.
  • Arresting immigrants, the police has the right not to allow ICE to interrogate this man, if he (she) was not notified of the right to counsel.

We will remind, earlier representatives of the U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has criticized a policy of «state and city of refuge,» noting that it represents a threat to national security.

Immigration lawyers in turn, argue that ICE pursues suspects who have been charged but which have not yet been found guilty.