Moldovan faked his death to get US $2 million

A resident of Minnesota and an ethnic Moldavian Igor Borodinov accused of fraud staged his own death to get the insurance $2 million.

The incident occurred 7 years ago, but before the court of the enterprising 54-year-old man will appear only in January 2019.

At the hearing Wednesday, November 28, Vorotynov requested his release to actually trial, but the judge Kathryn Menendez decided to leave the man under arrest «because of the high risk that he would flee the country.»

According to court documents, in 2010 Igor Borodinov insured his life and appointed a beneficiary then-wife — Irina Borodinova.

After a year in Moldova were found the mangled corpse on the road, in which were documents in the name of Igor Vorotynov (as it turned out, the man himself and put them to the body). Wife «identified» her husband returned to the U.S. with a death certificate, cremated the remains and received payment from the insurance. The money she translated them Vorotynov son, as well as to accounts in Moldova and Switzerland.

But in 2015, Igor Borodinov «caught» the police is quite another thing — is also fraudulent, and in the course of the investigation, of course, surfaced that he faked his death.

By the way, prosecutors are not reported, perhaps the most interesting — where Vorotynov took the corpse to pass it off as your own.

Ex-wife Vorotynov pleaded guilty, she is already serving a three-year prison term. Their son, 28-year-old Alkon of Vorotynov, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to probation.

But Igor himself of Vorotynov pleaded not guilty.

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