Wedding the clerk refused to accept driver’s license new Mexico, not believing that the United States

Some wonder, why is learning in school those items that we don’t like. Perhaps this is to prevent a similar situation that happened with Gavin Clarkson from new Mexico.

20 Nov associate Professor New Mexico State University and at that time, the bride went to the District of Columbia Courts Marriage Bureau to apply for a certificate of marriage. But, as Clarkson said in an interview with Las Cruces Sun News, this would seem the most common procedure was delayed.

According to him, by-the-book, with a smattering of geography denied them, convinced that Clarkson driving license is a document of another country, and demanded to give her the passport.

«She thought that new Mexico is another country,’ said the shocked man. — All the couples behind us waiting for the queue laughed.»

When Clarkson said, boss employee marriage Bureau supported the request of the employee, stating that «foreign» people need a passport. The man said that before the misunderstanding was resolved, the clerk praised for his excellent English. In the end, the wedding Bureau apologized for the confusion and issued a marriage certificate.

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— Dr. Gavin Clarkson (@DrGavinClarkson) November 30, 2018

Clarkson, who was a candidate for the post of Secretary of new Mexico, said he is also a registered member of the Choctaw (native American people). He suggested that if he had a card of his tribal identification, it would be even easier to document.

Posted by Marina Clarkson on Tuesday, November 27, 2018

New Mexico became the 47th state of the USA in 1912. Mexico gave up the state 2 Feb 1848 to end the Mexican-American war.