New York hospital of unlawfully exhibited by the victims of rape account for a forensic examination

According to statistics, in the United States every 98 seconds there is a rape. But for various reasons, three-quarters of the cases remain unregistered. Trying to help victims, in some cases, we have to face new problems.

One of these problems is a direct violation of the hospitals who charge for the collection of evidence of sexual violence, as well as for the corresponding data processing. According to the General Prosecutor’s office, there were at least 200 cases of victims of payment of necessary expenses.

In accordance with the laws of new York, hospitals are required to conduct a forensic examination in case of suspicion of sexual abuse for free and then present the results to the Office for assistance to victims. However, seven medical institutions have ignored the provision, invoice of up to $3000.

Among the institutions that committed the violation, chiclets Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center, Montefiore Hospital, Nyack, New York-Presbyterian/Methodist Hospital Brooklyn, New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center, Richmond University Medical Center V. St. Barnabas Hospitalя.

At the moment, the hospital authorities claim the recognition of their «mistakes» and try to carry out the process of reparations for victims of their expenses.

Within the investigation associated with these violations, all the hospital also agreed to develop a written document reflecting the policy of the medical institutions to prevent illegal billing in the future accounts of people affected by sexual violence.