The wife of a football coach claims that he did not rape 14-year-old student and he was a «willing participant»

The wife of a former assistant coach, who is currently serving time for raping 14-year-old soccer player insists that it is not a criminal.

In September 2017 29-year-old Kelsey McCarter pleaded guilty to the six points of the rape of sophomore South-Doyle High School. After that she was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment with the right to an exemption after the 30% they are due.

But now she is asking a judge Knox County to cancel the lawsuit against her and her husband filed a teenager. The boy claims that he was abused when he lived with them.

According to USA Today, the victim and his older brother moved to McCarter with the permission of their mother in July 2014 after their family has started the «internal problems», and Justin McCarter agreed to be their mentor.

Shortly behind her husband between a woman and a teenager began a sexual relationship. They continued even after the boy returned home. In October 2015 Kelsey convinced his wife to take him back.

A few months later the boy was published a naked picture of Kelsey McCarter in social networks. This saw the school representatives.

Photos: Kelsey McCarter, wife of former South-Doyle coach, in court

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According to the statement of a teenager, Kelsey McCarter sexually molested him at least 11 times in the period from July to October 2015. In this regard, the child claims damages of at least $2 million.

«[The boy] stated that he was injured in connection with a regular «sexual violence» on the part of Ms. McCarter, said the convicted attorney Doug Trant. – However, the complaint is replete with factual allegations that make the inference that (he) was participant in numerous sexual contacts with Ms. McCarter».

According to counsel, the young person wanted to maintain a sexual relationship with a woman because he wanted to move back to the house of the spouses.

Meanwhile, the lawyer of Justin McCarter Julia Trant said her client was just trying to help a troubled teenager and eventually became a cuckold.

«Plaintiff’s complaint is a real example of the famous proverb: «a Good deed goes unpunished»,» — said the defender.

Director South-Doyle Tim berry has been suspended from their duties for two weeks, and assistant Director Clark Duncan for three days because they did not immediately reported the incident to the State Department of children or law enforcement agencies.