9-year-old child forced the city to remove the century-old ban on throwing snowballs

Thanks to 9-year-old schoolboy in a small town in Northern Colorado overturned almost century-old ban on «battle» with snowballs.

In the Severance, where he lives, Dane best, quite often it is snowing. Monday, December 3, the boy has made a compelling argument at the meeting of the city Council — and the government voted unanimously for the abolition of the strange ban.

«I think it’s an outdated law. I want to have the right to throw snowballs without worrying about the consequences,» said the Dane prior to the meeting at city hall.

According to Brooke, the best mother of the young reformer, her son is constantly talking about the snow 1.5 months — since learned that the city has a ban on them.

«Recently when it was snowing and my friends and I made snowballs, joked that break the law, and looked, there are no nearby police force,» says the student.

Kyle Rickert, the assistant administrator of Severance, said that the rule about snowballs is part of a larger Ordinance that prohibits throwing «stones and other «shells» of people, animals, buildings, trees, vehicles, etc.»

«Many children get upset when they find out that snowball battles in the Severance prohibited. But the city is always ready to encourage children and show them they have the power to change the law,» said Kyle Rickert.

Snowball fights are now legal in Severance! Congrats Dane!

Posted by Town Of Severance on Monday, December 3, 2018

After the lifting of the ban Dane best said that already chose the first «victim», which will throw snowballs. This is his younger brother.

Now the boy is going to look at the other weird city laws. For example, one according to which «Pets» are only cats and dogs. Dane have a Guinea pig, and, as it turned out, she’s Severance outlawed.

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