The woman spent 10 hours in a cell with men because it took for transgender

55-year-old Fiora de Pichardo Veloz, which was mistakenly recorded in prison in Miami as a man has filed a lawsuit against prison officers, for which she endured a 10-hour nightmare in a male cell.

According to the lawsuit, provided by Miami Herald in November 2013, a woman working as a lawyer in the Dominican Republic, flew to Miami to attend the birth of a granddaughter. But her plans went awry when she was detained at the airport for an old case about drugs.

After the screening, Paul Pichardo identified as female, but when the doctor Fredesvinda Rodriguez-Garcia and nurse Fatou Camara Harris saw in her file that she was taking hormone pills, they mistook her for a transgender. According to court documents, in reality, Pichardo took special gormonoterapii during menopause.

Despite the fact that the officers claimed that Pichardo is a woman, a nurse Harris insisted that the defendant is transgender. A worker said the prison authorities that some prisoners-men drink hormone pills to increase breast. It is not persuaded that the question about your field, Pichardo said that she was a woman.

No offense meant. Why is calling Fior de Pichardo Veloz Grandma offensive? She seems proud of being a mother of 3 kids and a grandbaby. #curious

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When a correctional officer asked the nurse to conduct a physical exam, she pushed Pichardo, saying: «She’s a man». Then the medic left.

Pichardo was taken to prison for men Metro West Detention Center, where she continued to insist that there was confusion.

«You are a woman. Good luck, if you live till tomorrow,» said her officer before you make it into the camera.

After that, she spent 10 excruciating hours in a cell with 40 men, who mocked Pichardo, shouting: «Mommy!»

According to the complaint, she was so scared that she had to pee and to go to a shared toilet.

She sued the doctors for negligence and abuse. November 21, judge Frank hull ruled that the nurse and the doctor was «deliberately indifferent» to her welfare and «stubbornly refused» to confirm her gender.

«Every sane prison officer and a representative of the medical staff should know that wrongly classify a woman as a prisoner and put her in the detention centres for men is illegal,» said the judge.

Pichardo’s lawyer stressed that his client is satisfied with the decision of the court.