Police have arrested an American who poured boiling oil on someone during a dispute

61-year-old Charlene Thompson was arrested because she is in a dispute allegedly poured boiling oil on the other person.

According to the report, the Sheriff’s office Hamilton County, the incident occurred on 2 December in the house on Hawaiian Terrace in the area of Cincinnati (Oh). The police arrived on the scene, they arrested Thompson and charged with criminal assault.

According to court documents, the incident, the victim left severe burns on her back and arm. It is unknown what relationship the woman and the victim is unknown.

At the moment Thompson is in Hamilton County jail. During the arrest the accused was already in the wanted list, according to two issued her orders associated with causing unlawful damage.

«I ask for a large Deposit, as the court is well aware: burns are one of the most dangerous, painful, debilitating and long term injuries,» said assistant Hamilton County Prosecutor David wood during a meeting on Wednesday, 5 December.

The judge ruled that Thompson approached the victim and tried to communicate with her. The amount of bail was set at $50 thousand, the Accused will stand trial by jury on December 14.

This is not the first encounter of a woman with a law. As evidenced by the trial record, on Christmas eve, December 24, 2006, Thompson allegedly slapped his daughter on the head. At first she was charged with family violence, but later they were removed.

61-year-old Charlene Thompson was embroiled in an argument and dumped hot grease on the victim, according to police. The victim has severe burns on her back and arms, according to court records. She’s charged with felonious assault. Thompson to be arraigned Wednesday @FOX19 pic.twitter.com/JFzEWC6JpU

— Michael Baldwin (@baldwinreports) December 4, 2018

Later, in 2008, Thompson was charged with assault, causing damage and criminal violation of the right of ownership. August 6, 2008 for unknown reasons the charges were withdrawn.

In the same year she presented and other charges of disturbing public order in a state of intoxication, but they were rejected soon after submission.

And in the period from November 2016 to March 2017 Thompson twice threw stones at the Windows of neighbors, breaking them. For this crime she just wanted.

The first photo of the woman, which was made by the police of Cincinnati, dated 1999. It is unknown how she managed all this time to avoid punishment.

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