Looked down and didn’t look back: U.S. prisoner executed in the electric chair

61-year-old David Earl Miller was the second this month a prisoner in Tennessee was executed in the electric chair, not lethal injection.

Miller was pronounced dead yesterday, December 6, at 19.25 local time in the prison of Nashville.

According to TDOC protocol, and my prior experience as a witness, 1,750 volts are now likely going through David Earl Miller’s body. The sentence, likely now administered, following the 1981 murder of Lee Standifer. @NC5 pic.twitter.com/LxQdh3XkVp

— Jason Lamb (@JasonLambNC5) December 7, 2018

On death row David Miller spent 36 years is a «record» for the state. In 1982, the man was found guilty of murdering his 23-year-old girlfriend Lee Standifer in Knoxville.

When sentenced put on the head of the feeder current, he looked down and never looked back.

It is known that none of the family of Miller, as well as his victims, attended the execution, but a spokesman for the Prison Department of Tennessee of Neysa Taylor read a short letter from a woman from Ohio, who wished to remain unknown.

«Finally it will happen. The hour of payback for what he did to Lee.»

May 20, 1981, David Miller met with Lee, Standifer. The next day beaten and stabbed to death the girl was found near the house of her boyfriend.

Governor bill Haslam refused to pardon Miller. Lawyers in the pardon argued that a child sentenced was abused by her stepfather, and that was the cause of his mental illness.

David Miller as Edmund Sagorsky, who was executed on 1 November, has chosen the electric chair as less painful in his opinion, the method of execution. (Lethal injection — the bad in this regard «reputation». So, in August, Billy’s execution Irika lasted 20 minutes, the injection did not work, and the man slowly suffocate.)

In Tennessee sentenced to death for crimes committed before 1999 can choose the way they will be deprived of life.