Factory working, which was put in glass cups for fast food, was imprisoned for 5 years

Resident of Kentucky who was caught in the fact that he put shards of glass in Styrofoam cups for fast food restaurants was sentenced to five years in prison.

In 2016, the police filed Valano George. Horton charges after the Dart Container Corporation contacted law enforcement authorities, reporting their suspicions. Representatives of the company stated that the employee and their factory located in the town of horse cave (Kentucky) will probably put the glass in disposable glasses for drinking. Such incidents were repeated twice.

According to Dart Container, they stopped distributing their products, finding broken glass in seven boxes. In addition, glass has been found in fast-food restaurants in several States — Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. The police did not have information about any injuries.

As reported by attorney Russell M. Coleman, in July this year 44-year-old Horton pleaded guilty to tampering of consumer products at Dart Container. The judge made the decision as a punishment for what he did to send a man to Federal prison for 5 years.

Ky. factory worker who put glass shards in drinking cups bound for fast-food restaurants gets 5 years in prison >> https://t.co/BmC9WbY5fa pic.twitter.com/nu8wLXZ6vX

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This story proves that you should always be careful with food, especially if you eat out. Recently, a bystander caught in the kitchen of a new York salad bar run your mouse. In early December the school was closed.