Gave birth in handcuffs. The Bronx resident is suing the NYPD vs

The legal Department of new York examines the received on Thursday a lawsuit against the NYPD. 27-year-old Jane DOE says police officers during childbirth in February of this year has left her handcuffed and chained to the bed.

Gave birth in handcuffs. The Bronx resident is suing the NYPD vsDo NY police Rules and instructions of the patrol to mock pregnant? This question is now studied in Law Department of new York city

Jane DOE was arrested in the Bronx for minor domestic offence in the 40th week of pregnancy. After 30 hours, while in the camera, Jane started to give birth. The police took her to a medical center in Montefiore where chained to the bed and left in handcuffs. According to the plaintiff, the doctors and medical staff verbally indicated to the cops on the inadmissibility and illegality of their actions, but to no avail. The handcuffs remained on Jane and after childbirth, hampering feeding the baby.

Jane DOE says he suffered humiliation and suffering, her health and the baby’s health at risk and requires compensation for violation of civil rights to women. So the woman requires changes in the policy of the Department of police officer John Stalikas, who refused her to be unchained, claimed to be acting according to the instructions of the Manual patrol. As reported by The New York Times, Stalikas listen to the demands of physicians, did not leave them without attention and contacted his superiors. And, supposedly his boss John cook directly, he was told that the Rules of the new York police require in this case that the woman was in handcuffs.

Lawyer Katherine Rosenfeld, who undertook to defend the claim of the injured, explained to New York Public Radio, that the laws of the state of new York is a direct reference to such cases — the woman had to be freed from handcuffs and other specifics. In 2015, this law was expanded, forbidding to put to prison and to apply handcuffs to women within 8 weeks after birth. Against it actively supported the Association of the sheriffs of new York, who called it excessive political correctness. This influential Association, in the opinion of counsel could be relevant to the formulation of those rules and regulations mentioned by the officers, refusing to remove the handcuffs from birth Jane DOE.