For abortion in Kentucky I propose to put in jail for 5 years

In Kentucky in January can take a bill providing for criminal penalties up to 5 years in prison for an abortion.

Republican Robert Goforth yesterday, December 13, unveiled a bill to ban abortions after detection of a fetal heartbeat.

Under the bill, «providers of abortion will have to check for a fetal heartbeat before performing the procedure. If they find the heartbeat, then abortion is considered a crime of class D». Unless, of course, we are not talking about abortion for medical reasons — as a medical emergency.

In the state of Kentucky criminal offense class D is punishable by deprivation of liberty for a term up to five years.

«We must recognize that every person has the right to life, î said Goforth in his statement. — My personal belief is life begins at conception and ends with natural death. Heartbeat proves that there is a life that deserves protection in accordance with the law of our state. We’re talking about viable babies. This is the «Pro-lipovski» project that ever was seen in the legislature of Kentucky.»

The goforth added that he knows that his proposal might face legal challenges if the bill passes, but «worth it»:

«I look forward to the day when our laws and our judicial system will give unborn children the legal right to life, which they deserve.»

The bill will be considered at the General Assembly of Kentucky, which is to begin on January 8, 2019.

Similar laws have tried this year to take in Ohio and Iowa, but so far without success. So, Ohio Governor John Kasich has promised in advance to veto the legislation if it reaches his Desk.

Recall that in Indiana recently, the student killed the girl after learning that she was pregnant and an abortion later.