«I thought I was going to die»: a visitor to McDonald’s beat, and the restaurant staff just looked

Late in the evening July 24, 2015 the 49-year-old nurse Elizabeth Storelli was walking home from a bar, ran a couple of glasses of wine with friends, and on the way decided to go further and McDonald’s on the corner of West 71st Street and Broadway (Manhattan, new York).

«[In the bar] I ate a little bit, so we went there (at McDonald’s. — USA.one) and ordered fries and a cheeseburger, says Storelli. — There were a lot of people, and she touched me — and then things started to happen. She called me «white bitch oops» in this time [a] guy and poured me a soda».

Seeing that approach a few people, shocked the woman rushed away from McDonald’s. But as soon as she ran out of the building, she was surrounded, knocked to the sidewalk and started beating him.

According to the lawsuit filed by Elizabeth Storelli, none of the restaurant staff came to her aid.

«I thought I was going to die, said victim Post. — No one interfered at all. They just watched.»

I was beat up in McDonald’s — and the employees just watched: suit https://t.co/s98m6Qraa1 pic.twitter.com/unPMG8jL8d

— New York Post (@nypost) December 17, 2018

Finally a woman who had received a brain concussion and fracture of the ribs, stood up some passerby. He was with her until the police arrived.

The results of investigation of 16-year-old Jocelyn Santos and 33-year-old Annie Figaro was charged with assault and harassment. But the court decided not to bring them to justice.

Elizabeth Storelli decided not to give up. She filed a lawsuit against the franchise owner of McDonald’s Bruce Collie caused her harm.

Judge of the Supreme court of Manhattan noted that after plaintiff poured on the head of a soda, «the defendants had to take measures to protect».

According to the lawyer of the victim, Joseph Napoli, McDonald’s approved the specific security Protocol providing guidance to employees about how to act during incidents of violence, and these instructions were not followed.

«Our main priority is the safety and wellbeing of customers and employees, said Bruce Collie in an email to the Post’s request to comment on the incident. — Due to the upcoming trial, it would be inappropriate to comment further.»