California police do not want to disclose the results of internal investigations until 2019

Police County of San Bernardino is seeking the California state Supreme court prohibition on the disclosure of information about the conducted official investigations. The police Union filed a petition to disclose only the documents on incidents occurring from January 1, 2019.

The lawsuit began after the adoption in 2018 bill, which were first allowed to publicly disclosed the details of internal investigations of police use of force, including firearms, to the citizens, as well as cases of sexual violence and deceit in the performance of official duties. The law shall enter into force on 1 January.

Union President Grant ward said: «We believe that the application of this law retroactively may violate the rights of police officers, and I hope that the California Supreme court will consider the problems raised in our complaint».

The author of the law do not agree with the position of the ward. Senator Nancy Skinner said the new rules should apply to all documents in the possession of the police, and these documents will be open for access.

«If the Protocol exists, it must be promulgated,» said Skinner.

The Senator promised to consider the possibility of making the law certain changes, if he’s really violating the rights of officers.