She took a coke colleagues and helped to solve the murder of 29-year-old

DNA with cans of coke, which was taken by a colleague of the suspect is attached to the case about the murder of 29-year-old.

It is this DNA led detectives to the 50-year-old Forrest Timothy bass of Everstone (WA), who is charged with the murder of 18-year-old Amanda Stavik.

Can of Coke helped detectives solve Mandy Stavik case

— FGTNews (@OfficialFGTNews) December 19, 2018

Student Mandy Stavik went missing November 24, 1989, while Jogging near his parents ‘ house, to which she came for thanksgiving. 3 days later her body was found in the river Nooksak, about 3.5 km from the house. The autopsy showed that the girl was raped, hit on the head and still alive thrown into the water.

Despite the fact that the long body was in the water, investigators were able to take a suspect’s DNA. During the investigation, the Sheriff’s office Whatcom County held a campaign to collect (on a voluntary basis) of DNA in the area where she lived Mandy Stavik. In the view of law enforcement officers then came and Timothy bass, but he and his relatives refused to provide samples of their DNA.

The case moved from the dead point only after 28 when one of the detectives went to the city bakery, Franz Bakery and talked to one of her co-workers. Supplier of this institution was the bass. The detective asked, did the bass something at work. The woman realized that the police need DNA men, but they can’t get it without a warrant. Then she decided to produce the material.

«I felt obliged to do it. I did not order anyone. I’ve caught a bass and got a can of coke, which he had thrown away,» said an employee of the Franz Bakery.

Bass ‘ DNA matched that found on the body of Mandy Stavik.

Bass was arrested, charging him with attempted rape and murder of the 1st degree. However, before the beginning of the trial, the judge had to decide whether to use the case as proof the proverbial can of coke. In the end, it was decided in favor of the evidence.

«A woman came up with this idea, and it is not acting as an agent of the state, so that constitutional rights were not violated,» — said the judge Raquel Montoya-Lewis.

The lawyer of the accused said that he did not agree with this decision.

If Timothy bass is found guilty, he faces life imprisonment.