Women write love letters to convicted who killed pregnant wife and young daughters

In November, Chris watts from Colorado was sentenced to life imprisonment after he pleaded guilty to the murder of his pregnant wife and two daughters.

Now, according to prosecutors, 33-year-old convicted murderer from Colorado gets dozens of love letters from women and letters of support «from fans.»

I love this man! He’s my ROCK!

Posted by Shanann Watts on Saturday, May 5, 2018

«Criminals often get love and adoration from strangers who heard about them on the news — said the publication Inside Edition psychologist Judy Ho. — These women fantasize about life with the «bad guys». They want to be special, ones who will change this guy’s life. Most of all — to boost your self-esteem.»

33-year-old Kriss watts was arrested in August after from home in Frederick (Colorado) lost his pregnant wife, Seann watts and two daughters — 4-year-old Bella and 3-year-old Celeste. At first the man even spoke in front of the TV, literally begging for help to find his missing family. Then the police found the body of Senan and girls. Watts was convicted of their murder, but escaped the death penalty as part of their deal about plea.

Posted by Shanann Watts on Sunday, July 29, 2018

Documents from the district attorney’s office describe in detail some of the letters that people have sent and sent watts.

So, in letter 39-year-old woman said: «I think about you almost every day since you first appeared in the news.» Another lady named Kim wrote that «hopes to brighten his days,» and another, named Tatiana, sent your photo in bikini.

«We always worshipped the celebrities, says Sheila Isenberg, author of the book «Women who love men who kill». — In the past it was just a movie star. Now anyone who does something «unique», becomes a celebrity, even if he committed murder.»