Brooklyn D. A. will meet on 28 convicted of possession of marijuana

On Wednesday, Brooklyn district attorney Eric Gonzalez filed a petition with the judge about the abolition of the 28 sentences. Also it suspended the summons for more than 1,400 people.

«I do not believe that these sentences make the lives of new Yorkers safer. They cause a lot of distrust for our system of justice, Gonzales said. We all know that the basis of these incidents, a huge racial inequality.»

Gonzalez also said that most of these orders were issued to blacks and Hispanics in accordance with stop and frisk (Stop and frisk; Stop-Question-and-Frisk program) — a police practice in new York, in which city police officers to stop and interrogate hundreds of thousands of pedestrians, searching them for weapons and contraband.

In September, the da said on his initiative to «Begin Again» (Start again), which includes a waiver of prosecution for minor offences, in the presence of the application. The new initiative will not affect those convicted of selling drugs, violent crime and sexual offences.

The ad hoc group of lawyers ready to help those wishing to dispute the charges with the paperwork. To register for the initiative please click here. You can also call the hotline and Start over at (718) 250-3888.