The Sheriff of Los Angeles has promised to «physically remove ICE» from prison

The new Sheriff of Los Angeles Alex Villanueva wants to remove Federal immigration agents from the County prison, causing a wild delight at attending the Community Forum on truth (Truth Act Community Forum), convened by the Council of observers.

«We’re going to physically remove ICE from County prisons,» said Villanueva, adding that he also plans to reduce a list of approximately 150 minor offences the investigation of which prison officials are obliged to assist the Immigration and customs enforcement (ICE). According to the Sheriff, he intends to list only the most serious offences.

Last month, Villanueva won in the midterm elections, becoming the Sheriff of the largest County in the United States.

As reported by commander Alier Morejon, about 1,200 prisoners were transferred to ICE in 2017. About a quarter of these people were convicted of violations that threaten the health and safety of people, including drug-related offences.

Defenders of immigrant groups and activists argue that the vast majority of people ICE deported after his release from County jail, serving a sentence for non-violent crimes.

«Crime should be dealt with by the criminal justice system, not the immigration system,» said Andres Kwon from the American civil liberties Union.

And Tether the Juice from the Directorate General of immigration also spoke at the forum. He stressed that he is an example of what a person deserves a second chance, because once he was pardoned by California Governor Jerry brown.

Juice served 15 years in prison for armed robbery committed at age 17, and he was deported to Cambodia, although he lived in the United States as a lawful permanent resident for 37 years.

«Not all who come, will go to second offense,» said Juice.

Villanueva intends to implement its plan before the end of the year.