Police officers involved in the flash mob at the Mall

In the shopping center Aventura Mall in Miami, a group of dancers from the «factory of Sean» from South Florida, speaking to buyers, made public that it was a real flash mob — the audience actively involved in the dance and shout out loud. To the scene were forced to approach the police officers.

#AventuraPolice taking a moment to celebrate the holiday spirit with @AventuraMall shoppers! @cityofaventura pic.twitter.com/6Gr75b8GGH

— Aventura Police (@aventurapolice) December 18, 2018

«If the problem cannot be prevented, it is necessary to head» — the police officers of Aventura Chris Gatti and Manny Gonzalez was clearly familiar with this rule. Approaching the uncontrollable crowd, they began to disperse, and «circle up» and joined the dance. These two are then riveted all attention to themselves — they are clearly a whale in the sky. Those present took the phone and started to film the spectacle. So order has been restored, not ruined the holiday, everyone was in a great mood, and Miami began to respect even more than before.

However, anticipating possible in such cases an internal investigation on misconduct of the police on duty, officers have told instagram that at the time were not directly «at execution». But with a group of Sean they have long practiced.

«Sean is a phenomenal artist and a great choreographer. It was very pleasant to work with,» writes officer Gonzalez.

«It is a great honor was to be part of this,» confirms officer Gatti. According to them, these dances help to bridge the gap between society and the police. «We have a wonderful society, I’m happy to serve him,» adds Gatti.

Reportedly, Chris Gatti more and a good shot, and also a great athlete. Officer Manny Gonzalez quite often intrudes on the service in the territory of Aventura Mall — who’s going there, can come in and make sure you see him there in person.