Resident of new York, associated with the Jewish sect accused of kidnapping two children

The Brooklyn resident Aron Rosner charged with kidnapping two children, who together with her mother recently escaped from the Jewish sect «the lion, tahor» in Guatemala.

«Leo, tahor» (in Hebrew «Pure heart») is considered ultra-Orthodox Hasidic sect, which in the 1980-ies he founded in Jerusalem, Rabbi Shlomo Helbrans. After the Israeli authorities learned about the relationship of the leader with the Islamists, he and his followers had to flee to the United States. In 1994 Helbrans was convicted of kidnapping 13-year-old Shae Oy in new York, which was under his care at the parents ‘ request to bar mitzvah. Helbrans later deported back to Israel. And in 2017, has information about his sudden death in Mexico during the ritual ablution.

But, despite the death of Rabbi last week about «the lion, Thor» spoke up again. Sunday, December 23, in Williamsburg, the FBI arrested Aaron Rosner — brother of a senior member of Jewish sect. He was charged with providing financial assistance to members of a religious group in the implementation of the international scheme of abduction of children. The victims called the 14-year-old Jante teller and her 12-year-old brother Chaim teller.

FBI charges man in international ‘Jewish Taliban’ kidnapping scheme: The FBI arrested Aron Rosner on charges of providing financial assistance to the religious group Lev Tahor ■ Two children were kidnapped on 8 December from their home in New York… Haaretz

— Jewish Community (@JComm_NewsFeeds) December 28, 2018

As reported by the FBI, their mother and daughter Helbrans, which was «voluntary member» of the sect, recently escaped from the group in connection with its radicalization. The last time children are seen December 8. According to records from surveillance cameras, they went out of the house in upstate new York about 3 o’clock in the morning and got in the car. According to the Bureau, they were taken out of the country.

«The mother indicated that there to keep their children safe» — wrote FBI agent Jonathan lane in a criminal lawsuit filed in U.S. district court.

The boy was spotted by members of the sect at the hotel in Mexico city a few days after the abduction. At the moment the whereabouts of the children is unknown.

In court documents, lane refers to media reports that members of «the lion, tahor» subjected the children to «physical, sexual and emotional violence.» According to the FBI, Rosner seven times transferred money, which helped members of the «Leo tahor» in the kidnapping.

«He is the Ambassador «the lion of Thor» in the U.S.,» the source told the NY Post on Rosner.