Mother 5 years hid the fact that the daughter suffers from diabetes, until she died

39-year-old amber Hampshire from Illinois was arrested because of involvement in the death of her 14-year-old daughter Emily. The state’s attorney argues that the mother for five years he hid the fact that her daughter suffers from diabetes, which led to the death of the girls.

Thursday, December 27, attorney Tom Gibbons filed charges against Hampshire in connection with the death of his daughter. On the same day, the woman surrendered to the police. Hampshire accused of involuntary manslaughter of a family member and endangering the welfare of a child.

«Sad and completely preventable»: Illinois mother Amber L. Hampshire, 39, allegedly hid daughter Emily’s diabetes diagnosis, leading to the her death

— Law & Crime (@lawcrimenews) December 29, 2018

According to local TV station KTVI, Emily Hampshire, died November 3 at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital in St. Louis as the result of cardiac arrest. Relatives told police and medical staff that for several days before the tragedy the girl had nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. 1 November morning, family members found her unconscious, then called 911. Emily urgently delivered in local hospital and then by helicopter were taken to Cardinal Glennon, but to save the girl failed.

According to the Mayo Clinic, Emily died from diabetic ketoacidosis – a complication from diabetes, in which acid accumulates in the blood due to insulin deficiency. As a result of investigation it became known that in February, she was hospitalized with pneumonia and the already mentioned ketoacidosis. At the clinic she received the necessary medication as well as nutrition tips. The girl’s mother never gave Emily the prescribed drugs and never brought the child for medical examinations, which were prescribed by doctors.

In all circumstances the prosecution alleges that amber Hampshire has done everything possible to hide the illness of Emily, including from relatives of her father.

«If she was treated, she would definitely have survived. It was a completely meaningless death, says Gibbons. – Amber Hampshire had all the information and all available resources to take care of her, but instead decided to hide it, even from the closest members of the family.»

According to Gibbons, it is unknown what motivated the mother, but presumably, the act was not associated with religion.

After Emily’s death, her grandmother’s colleague John Roberts has created a page on Facebook to raise funds for the costs associated with the funeral of the girl. In just 3 days he managed to collect $16 510, although initially the goal was set at $15 thousand

Mother 5 years hid the fact that the daughter suffers from diabetes, until she died14-year-old Emily Hampshire, who died from heart failure later diabetes. Source: Facebook

«She was an outstanding student of the Evangelical School, a wonderful dancer, a cheerleader and volleyball player. She participated in local beauty contests and talent shows – is written on the page to raise funds. – She had a very kind heart… it will be missed by all who she ever talked.»

In his post, amber Hampshire have named their daughter «angel» and «one of a kind».

«I miss her more than I can Express the words she wrote. – I was happy to be her mom.»

Now Hampshire is on the loose as made a part of the Deposit of $100 thousand.