The patient with brain cancer will be held the first experimental treatment under the law «Right to try»

A Californian who was diagnosed with a deadly form of brain cancer, will receive the experimental therapy in accordance with the law «Right to try» («Right to test»), which President Donald trump signed in may 2018.

The decision of the head of the White house has caused much controversy, as experimental drugs and treatments referred to in the law have not been approved by Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines (FDA).

The patient, who wished to remain anonymous, will receive the vaccine Gliovaccreated from his cells, and from tissues taken from other patients with glioblastoma – the same aggressive tumor that killed John McCain a year after he was diagnosed. The development of this therapy does belgiska company Epitopoietic Research Corp. (ERC).

«For many patients with recurrent glioblastoma no way further, says Joe Elliott, Director of the ERC branch in the United States. Is a death sentence… We just want to help patients in situations where they have no other treatment options.»

According to defenders of the «Right to try» law would give dying patients the possibility of choice, while critics argue that such therapy can cause unknown side effects and to make it worse.

The unknown man started treatment in November. According to Elliot, serious side effects from the use of the vaccine was not.

«For patients who do not have a choice, the risk is minimal,» – said the representative of ERC adding that it’s certainly not worse, «than if they had not received the vaccine».

Although Elliott declined to comment on how much treatment for each individual patient, but noted that this amount is not more than the cost of other approved cancer drugs, and is in the range of $373-475 thousand for one person.