Gavin Newsom has proposed to introduce a tax on drinking water to provide clean water to poor areas

Governor of California Gavin Newsom has proposed to introduce a tax on drinking water to help purify the contaminated water supply in poor areas.

At a press conference January 10, Newsom submitted a budget plan for 2019-2020, the company said that also is ready to allocate $25 million to «provide California residents with clean drinking water.»

According to the study, 360 thousand Californians drink water that is not checked for the presence of toxins. 6 million people received water from suppliers that violate the state standards of quality. 1 million people do not have access to safe drinking water. Most of them live in the South valley of San Joaquin and the Mojave desert.

Last year was a proposal to introduce a similar tax, but former Governor Jerry brown and members of Parliament rejected it. It was assumed that the tax will be 95 cents per month to raise about $110 million a year.

The details of the plan Newsom is not yet known, so Congress will need a few weeks to study the proposal and make a decision.

Newsom said the fact that an estimated 1 million Californians lack safe drinking water «is a disgrace.» The new governor plans to direct $25 million of general fund dollars toward safe drinking water efforts to accelerate the process.

— CA Water Boards (@CaWaterBoards) January 10, 2019