85-year-old justice Ruth Ginsburg back to work after the surgery to remove the tumor next week

85-year-old Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who last week for the first time in 25 years of work in the Supreme court missed a meeting in connection with the removal of the malignant neoplasm is on the mend.

Doctors removed part of a lung Ginsburg December 21, after her left lung was found a cancerous nodules.

«Postoperative examination determined that there are no more signs of disease, and further treatment is not required, — said the press-Secretary of the Supreme court Kathleen Aarberg. — Judge Ginsburg will continue to work on the house next week and will take part in the consideration and decision of cases on the basis of the summary report and transcripts of sessions. Her recovery after the operation is in full swing».

Immediately after surgery, Aarberg said that no other signs of cancer was not, and while no additional treatment was not planned. Friday’s statement updating her condition, confirmed this early assessment.

Dr. Robert Miller, Professor of medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, said that Ginsburg has not returned to work three weeks after surgery, is justified. According to him, he will start to worry only in case if its activity does not improve within the next few weeks.

85-year-old justice Ruth Ginsburg back to work after the surgery to remove the tumor next weekRuth Bader Ginsburg
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The malignancy was discovered accidentally when, in November of 2018, she got tested in connection with fractures of three ribs after a fall. Ginsburg is not the first time treated from cancer. In 1999 she was diagnosed with colorectal cancer, and 10 years later — early stage pancreatic cancer. When Ginsburg was treated in connection with these two diseases, the Supreme court was not meeting.

Ruth Joan Bader Ginsburg was appointed chief judge by President bill Clinton took oath August 10, 1993. Last year, Ginsburg became widely known due to cases related to civil rights, including a landmark case to open a military Institute in Virginia for women. In March the judge will be 86 years old.

At this point Ginsberg is considered the highest of all the existing Supreme court judges. Last year at the screening of «On the Basis of Sex» about the beginning of her career, Ginsburg said that he was going to do their job as long as I can do.