Fired after the scandal at the lesson on slavery, the teacher submits a claim for $1 billion

37-year-old former teacher Patricia Cummings of Farmingville on long island are preparing to sue with the other teachers class action lawsuit for $1 billion About it on a press-conferences on Thursday, 10 January, said her lawyer, Thomas Liotti.

Cummings claims that she was wrongfully fired from the post of teacher in the 118th high school in the Bronx after a fierce scandal. In the beginning of last year a few students 7th grade talked about how their teacher spent a lesson on slavery, playing one of the scenes: she made several black students lie on the floor and experience for yourself what it’s like to be in the shoes of a slave. One African-American girl Cummings stepping on the back.

After the investigation in the fall of the Ministry of education (United States Department of Education — DOE) fired Cummings.

At a press conference the former teacher said that she was fired, despite the fact that the report of the investigator the DOE allegations were deemed «unfounded», and the initial charge is not confirmed.

«Mrs. Cummings is a devoted and competent teacher who should never have been subjected to false accusations that undermined her career and reputation,» said Liotti. The lawyer and his client believe that «this is a case of blatant reverse discrimination«because Cummings is white. If such a lesson was conducted by a colored teacher, — said the teacher — it would not have been fired.

«Daily News started it all,» said Cummings, referring to the publication, first published the news about the controversial lesson and put her face on the cover. She added that after an internal investigation by the school was fully justified. But the case was reopened after media reported the news about the incident. «At the moment I’m not working in the profession,» said the former teacher.

Her lawyer already filed a lawsuit in the court of the County of Suffolk in the amount of $120 million against the U.S. Department of education, mayor bill de Blasio and the Daily News. But Cummings wants to attract other teachers affected, in her view, such forms of discrimination, and file a class claim in the amount of $1 billion.

The former teacher insists that is not a racist. «Anyone who knows me knows that I have no inclination to racism. I was brought up in the spirit of «treat everyone the way you want them to treat you.»